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I am Mark Leyva. A Constitutional, Conservative Republican! An AMERICA FIRST Candidate for 1st Congressional District of Indiana.

Our country is being invaded with Illegal aliens from countries from all over the
world. We don’t know who these people are, we don’t know their medical
histories. Are they bringing diseases in our country, drugs or a communist
attitude? Quite frankly, judging from the media picture, these invaders seem to
me that most are of military age.


We have millions of illegal immigrants flooding are border and taking resources away from our Legal Citizens. Additionally, we see and hear that many, many unaccompanied minors are at our border. Is our country actively participating in the global sex trade? Where are these children

Our 1st district Indiana is made up of hard working blue collar workers. We need
to be good stewards of the tax revenues they supply to our country. During my
career I maintained membership in Local 1010 as a steel worker, Local IL 434 as a Carpenter. Today, I am self-employed. I understand the pain of today’s workforce. 
I also understand that allowing illegal immigration to swell, will eventually drive wages down for our hard working citizens.

I have run previous campaigns with little money and lots of static from the
establishment politicians. I was the highest Republican vote getter in 2020 with
132,000 votes in the Indiana 1st District. Possibly one of the highest votes per
dollar, of any candidate running a major race.

I am a lifelong resident of Lake County Indiana, graduate of Highland High School class of 1978. I have one son, retired 21 years in the U.S Army. I’m a proud grandfather to Katlyn and a great-grandfather to Riley Elisabeth. I have three brothers and two sisters Tony, Sandy, Lisa, Tom and Matt. Our deceased parents Sally and Tony, lived the American Dream and instilled their values on their family.

I am an AMERICAN FIRST candidate, I sincerely have your best interest in my heart and will do my very best to serve all the citizens to the best of my ability in
Washington DC.

I am humbly asking for your continued support and your vote in this upcoming


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